Little Business Wealth Advisors is uniquely positioned to assist the Valley's Baby Boomers in their transition to Retirement.  We recognize that a major concern to Boomers and Seniors are Retirement Income and the delivery of their Health Care. 


LBWA can establish a Personal Pension Plan for any of our clients, and then helps to protect the plan by selecting cost-effecient Medicare Supplements and Long Term Care Insurance

Medicare Supplements (or "Medigap")- Though Medicare Part A and B cover many health care costs, there are many medical services that Medicare does not cover.  To help fill the gaps in your Medicare coverge, you have the option of buying supplemental insurance policies, including the prescription plan Part D. There are numerous supplement plans that help pay the bills Medicare does not, and they provide protection from the ever-increasing gaps in Medicare. We also have Medicare Advantage plans for those who are concerned about the monthly premium cost.  LBWA will assist you in chosing which carrier and policy is right for you! 

What is Long-Term Care?  Long-term care is the kind of assistance you need when you need help with personal care.  The need for this assistance usually results from a disabling or long-term medical or physical condtion.  Long-term care services can include in-home care, as well as nursing home or community based care.

The fact that goes unrecognized is that anyone may need long-term care services.  An accident or a sudden serious illness can create a need for services, as can the slow progression of chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson's disease.  Age or fratility may also be contributing factors.  People who live to be very old are more apt to need long-term care services than those who die at a younger age.

Please check out a couple websites dedicated to Long-term care on our Featured Links page (under About Us).  There is also a Request a Quote right here on our web site! You can also contact our office to ask any questions you might have regarding Medicare Supplements and Long-term care insurance.