Small Business Owners

Since Little Business Wealth Advisors is independent, we have more options to better serve our clients! 


We will use our expertise to assist the Small Business Owner in creating an attractive employee's benefits package so that you can recruit and retain valuable employees.

Group Health Insurance- The numerous options in today's market for Small Business Owners can be overwhelming, and we will assist in setting up a plan that strikes a balance between coverage and cost. We have the ability to set up a platform that offers just one health plan or many plans, and anything in between... and you can also control the cash flow by electing how much the business will pay (Fixed Dollar of $100 or more, Traditional 50% or more, or Percentage & Plan 50% of Plan X) and your employees will pay the rest through payroll deductions. 

Group Life Insurance- As a fundamental element of any benefit package, Group Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) helps protect employees and their loved ones from financial hardships related to an untimely death.  The death proceeds are paid to the designated beneficiary and are generally exempt from federal income tax.

LBWA offer flexible and feature-rich benefits to meet a variety of needs for the Small Business Owner.  We offer a range of group and voluntary term, universal and whole life insurance plans for small businesses, as well as optional AD&D coverage.  Plans are available in either Employer-paid or Employee paid options, so specific coverage and budget needs can easily be met.  Group Life Insurance is available to groups of 5 or more without submitting evidence of insurability, which is a very attractive option for those who might have trouble acquiring life insurance as an individual.

Group DentalSmall Business Owners have many options when it comes to selecting a plan design with the right mix of dental benefits and costs for their employees. Just like Group Health Insurance, you can give the employee the choice of several plans.  There is even a Voluntary plan! We will work with you to find a solution that works for you and your employees!

Retirement Plans/401K- These days, an individual’s retirement years can make up more than 25% of their life! Longer life expectancies coupled with market uncertainty, inflation and rising medical costs, highlight the need for smart retirement planning. Most Small Business Owners don’t have the time or experience to provide their employees with proper investment and retirement planning education. 

Ask yourself these questions:  Are your 401(k) plan assets compliant with Department of Labor 404(c) guidelines? Are you spending too much time on administrative and record keeping issues? Are your employees contributing enough to their personal 401(k) accounts to meet their retirement goals.

If these or any other issues are of concern to you, LBWA can help. Experience has shown that many employers are unsure about their options. We will take the time to understand your unique position and help develop a plan that’s customized to meet your needs as an organization.  The sooner you call to schedule a 20 minute review, the sooner you and your employees can save a lot of time, energy and money down the road towards a better tomorrow!